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Catering Service

When you are hosting a party or a special celebration, it is important to have great food. At VWC, we provide incredible meals that help create a magical ambiance at any venue. Our goal is to enhance your theme and feed your guests an unforgettable meal. No matter the size of your gathering or the type of food that you need, our expert staff will perfectly plan and prepare everything for you.


Wine tasting parties are a great way to bring together a small group of friends for an enriching, enjoyable and tasty experience. Here at VWC, we bring our expertise in wine tasting catering to everyone who wants to learn more about the art and science of pairing the perfect wine with the perfect food and have fun doing it at the same time! Wine tasting parties certainly can be formal affairs, or they can be classy, yet casual!


As you mingle with the crowd, our tantalizing hors d’oeuvres are sure to please. Each individual treat is assembled and displayed in an elegant manner. Throughout your party, our servers pass trays that are filled with delicacies that look too good for words. As guests grab these small morsels, their mouths will burst with rich flavors. Whether you prefer casual cold cuts, a more sophisticated cheese platter, or a luxurious caviar appetizer, we always serve items that will complement your event. We prove that good things come in small packages!


Not everyone enjoys the same foods. To provide a wide assortment of items and to ensure that everyone finds a preferred dish, our buffet service is a smart option. As guests walk down the line, they will discover flavorful and eye-catching choices.


When dishes arrive to your guests’ tables, you want the experience to be memorable. Thanks to our team, each item is plated to look like a fine work of art. Every dish is arranged and garnished to perfection. As if this is not enough, the food’s flavor is just as impressive. If your event’s theme requires a particular menu, we are happy to oblige. With our assistance, your guests will rave about your dinner service.

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